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New updates [2021-04-22]

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Expert Advisor 1.2.0

In this update, we have released a new version of the expert advisor, which includes the improved trading history import and better chart capturing. This is a breaking release so make sure to download a new version from your accounts page ( and replace it in your experts folder.


We are introducing an improved version of our trading dashboard to provide you with better insights and detailed statistics for your trading activities. The new dashboard will provide you with more accurate graphs and detailed historical data for your trades by currency pairs.

More detailed overview of closed trades

Previously, only profit was shown as does Metatrader. Now it's showing total profit (net + commission + swap) with commission and net profit shown separately.

History import and image refetch

History import process has previously had some issues when importing historical trades. This meant that not all historical trades have always been imported, and on top of that trader would sometimes not receive any feed back of incoming trade images and had to reload the page in order to do so. Now it shows progress of image fetching and you can enjoy full history of imported trades.